Carbon Monoxide Leak Evactuates Local Hotel

Sunday, November 6, 2016

On November 5, 2016 at 1927, the Dover Fire Department was alerted for a carbon monoxide alarm at the Home2 Suite on S. Dupont Hwy. Duty Officer Asst. Chief David Carey was already on scene and had found a high carbon monoxide condition on the fourth floor. He pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the building. E4 was first on scene. Crews investigated the fourth floor and found two rooms with high carbon monoxide readings. As additional resources arrived, the subsequent floors were searched with minimal to negative findings. Crews determined all occupants were out of the building. Crews were unable to determine a cause on the fourth floor. The aerial was placed into service to inspect the air handler units on the roof. The pool maintenance room and utility areas were also inspected. Crews found dangerously high levels in the pool heater room. The system was disabled. There was another natural gas leak on the opposite side of the building in a utility area. Chesapeake Utilities shut the service off to the entire complex. The building was ventilated to clear any remaining carbon monoxide. After levels were at a safe level, the entire complex was searched, room by room to determine no more presence of carbon monoxide. The scene was turned over to the City of Dover Fire Marshal and Chesapeake Utilities. Photos courtesy of Jon Lloyd Jr.